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都市酵母蒐集並整理了一系列的色彩工具,分為六大主題:色彩app、色彩體驗、色彩分析、設計時會使用、色彩遊戲、色彩知識案例 。透過這些色彩工具,更強化人的色彩體驗、知識,以及敏銳度,同時也增加使用色彩、配色時的便利度。

City yeast collected and sorted a series of color tools which are seperated into 6 categories: color app, experience color analyze color, for designing, color game, color knowledge. It can strengthen people's color experience, knowledge,
and sensibility through these color tools. It also creates a convenient way while using colors and doing color combination.


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define EC process

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color tools

color tone

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